I visited an Indian Temple

I am an Indian national who has just started her pre-medical course in Lyceum-Northwestern University (LNU) in Dagupan, Pangasinan. I am new to the Philippines.

I remember when I was leaving Indira Gandhi International Airport. I was shaking then. I looked around and I could no longer see my parents who accompanied me to the airport. My family gave me so much optimism to bring on my journey and with high hopes that I will bring honor to the family by fulfilling my dream to become a doctor.

It was past in the afternoon when I arrived at NAIA together with other Indian medical students. I made friends with several of them and even though I was getting homesick, I knew then that I will not be alone on this journey of mine outside of my comfort zone. It was a tiring travel but I cannot take a nap. It might have been the jet lag, excitement or mixed of all emotions that I went through. Suddenly, our bus had stopped and let my eyes grace on my new environment. We were definitely in Dagupan as we had passed by a stone arc welcoming everyone who enters Dagupan. Along the way, I was delighted to see an Indian Temple. I made a mental note that I will visit it once I am settled down to my dormitory. Truth to my mental note, after several days I found a free time.

At around lunch time, I decided to visit the Indian Temple. I asked my dorm mate if she wants to go with me to the Indian Temple that I saw when we arrived in the Philippines, and she was delighted I asked her. As we entered the temple, I felt an ecstatic feeling of being at home. Even if I am a thousand miles away from India, the place brought me peace and serenity. Whatever there is in our temples in India, this temple here in Dagupan has it also. My dorm mate and I kneeled and offered our prayer. We talked to some Indians that we saw in the temple. They offered us some food, which we did not refuse. It is a home away from home. The food, the people, the temple, our faith, our religion makes us home. We decided to head back to our dormitory when it was nearing dawn but we promised ourselves that we shall make a regular visit to the temple and we shall bring some of our friends in school to get acquainted with our fellow Indians and be able to offer our prayer and be at home.

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