A Fresh Take On The Medical School Curriculum: Giving New Direction To Medical Study!

We all know how medical education is; tough to acquire and hard to execute! With bulk of medical courses and outstretched mbbs syllabus to get through, the study of medical is no doubt a strenuous journey. And, there is an urgent need to streamline this study by weeding out the unnecessary burdens associated with it, which will eventually ease out the process of becoming a doctor. In short, an effective revamping of the medical school curriculum is required today. Obviously, why to make things complicated when this medical journey can just be achieved in few steps. The need of the hour is to include the important and exclude the unimportant.

So here is the list of things that can be brought into practice in order to see the medical education in an all new light.

  • The study of mbbs must include learning each skill separately in the beginning and then clubbing them together. It is a better idea than trying to learn and practice all of them together from the very start. This will not just make the aspirants conceptually stronger but also confident in their area of specialization.

  • Inclusion of well-designed reading, audio, and video presentations in the medical study is far better than organizing those small group discussions that just provide you with short-lived exposure and thus tends to be an inefficient way to learn. For an adequate understanding of the topics, the discussions must be backed by audio-visual displays.

  • The present-day medical courses need to overcome the overload of information in the medicine study nowadays. The focus should be on general principles and understanding rather than facts, figures, and memorizing details as by the end of the medical education, it is not the facts but the overall understanding which is beneficial.

  • Sitting in classroom lectures should not be a compulsion. This doesn’t assure 100% success as lecturers vary in quality. Apart from delivering a lecture, the lecturer should act more as an instructor, helping students with best educational sources and responding to their questions, doubts, and queries. This will be better educationally for both students and the lecturer.
  • During their medical courses, the students should be made to learn independently. There should be periodic tests to ensure that they are learning with understanding and are not just cramming for scores.

Thus, these mbbs study tips are sure to help the aspiring doctors maximize their overall understanding of medicine and will inculcate in them learning with understanding at each step of their medical career.

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