Getting Into Med School Without Hard Sciences

It comes as a surprise for several students when they learn that some of the reputed medical schools and colleges admit a small number of students from the non-traditional medical background. There is a great population of candidates and aspirants who apply to medical schools much later in their life. Most of them give it a try after starting a family, after attending their graduate school, and some even after pursuing a completely different career.

If you also wish to shine into a medical school without having any hard science knowledge or experience, then here are some tips for you:

  • Enhance Your Application with Post-Bacc Training: Mostly, all of the med schools require a minimum level of science background and preparation. This should include at least one year of each Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics under study and preparation phase. There are several universities that offer the post-baccalaureate program for the candidates who wish to fulfill the pre-med requirements. Even if you have fulfilled the necessary requirements, you must take a refresher course Chemistry and Biology that will help in the strengthening of your application.

  • Flaunt Your Special Skills and Talents: When you apply to a med school as a non-traditional candidate, you need to have unique skills and experiences. These skill sets will differentiate you from the others and will maximize the chances of your successful admission. As such, you are required to present that your decision to enroll into a med school is a determined one. Though your resume might be impressive in various other fields, you can enhance it by adding certain medical-related experiences or knowledge. For instance, you can include some volunteering or lab work in the medical field.

  • Take Time for MCA Preparation: A competitive MCAT score is a determining factor for any typical hard science background candidate. However, it is not so for the non-traditional candidate. With several changes being introduced in the grading scales and curriculum requirements, your GPA should be competitive to someone graduating from the same school. The MCAT exam is standardized and thus, tests the abilities of the candidates even from different backgrounds. As such, you can try a proper MCAT practice test to ponder over your strengths & weaknesses. After that, you can apply for the particular MCAT preparation for you.

  • Obtain Amazing Letters of Recommendation: The post BACC programs can be helpful for the non-traditional candidates to get admission into a med school. This also helps them with getting an excellent letter of recommendation to enhance the chances of their successful admission. As such, you must make it a point to set up an appointment with the potential recommender to catch up with your med school and career goals. Most of the med schools accept the letters from your employment as well in replacement of the proper academic letter of recommendation.

Wish to get admission into a med school as a non-traditional candidate? Take help from expert tips!

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