How To Abstain Oneself From Committing Some Common Mistakes During One’s Doctor Study!

Are you among those fortunate ones who have successfully made it to the medical college? Well, congratulations for you have got yet a valid reason to boast of your success after years of hard work and dedication. However, this boasting may not last forever once you make yourself prone to some common mistakes during your doctor study that needs to be abated at any cost in the following ways:-

  • Do Not Be Self-Righteous: Keep yourself away from the very ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. Thinking very highly of yourself and considering that having made it to the medical college implies that you know everything will give you ultimately a major setback in the process of medical courses and will eventually prevent you from becoming a successful doctor.

  • Be Humble While Stating Your Opinions Instead Of Being Hostile: Be it the professors or any other medical professionals, always remember that ultimately they are the ones who are going to help you in your doctor study. So, if ever you have any clash of opinions do not be abrasive to anyone. Don’t forget that those holding senior posts are already experienced in their own fields. Your entire term of medical study is all about learning and gaining experience.

  • Do Not Ever Lag Behind: Once you get admitted to a medical college, you start thinking that attending the long lectures, laboratory work, clinical rotations, etc. altogether tend to make you a maniac! Well, you know that’s the beauty of pursuing mbbs; after all not everyone is fortunate enough to pursue medical courses. So, always make it a habit to keep up with your work as well as your studies without having to compromise with either of them. It’s high time to keep yourself organized and to do away with the high school or college habits of last minute exam studies!

  • Never Be Tempted To Lie or To Hide Your Faults: As a medical student, it is obvious for you to make mistakes when doing clinical rotations. And that’s how you get to learn during your learning experience at the medical college, right? Besides, that is why other medical professionals are there above you in the hierarchy so as to point out your mistakes and rectify you. After all, it’s a matter of a patient’s life that solely holds his faith in you next to God.

Above everything, you must always be self-confident and determined. Never underestimate yourself. Keep repeating the mantra- ‘I will surely be able to do it’ to yourself and why you shouldn’t be after all? Don’t you remember all those years of sleepless nights, dedication and sincere efforts just to achieve your dream of doing doctor study?

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