How to hold on to your dreams of becoming a Doctor

Most toddlers when being asked what they want to become someday will answer, “To become a Doctor! which is not surprising. At a toddler’s eye, being a doctor means taking care of kids, giving medicines and injections, having a stethoscope, and helping him to heal and be well. It is evident from these young ones that becoming a doctor is a passion and a noble profession. That helping a person to heal and be well means being a doctor. But do they become doctors? In reality, a small percentage of those toddlers will definitely take action to make their dream a reality while the others would pursue other professions. If you are one these toddlers, then you must be ready to face all the challenges that you need to overcome to be able to bear in your name the title of M.D. or Doctor of Medicine.

Studying medicine is definitely for those who have a strong mind set to become one. If you would like to enter the medical field, you must not only be smart and science enthusiast, but you must be optimistic as well. Optimism that will lead you to persevere and work hard. Studying medicine is really a hard work and you must undergo phases of studies just to be accepted in a school of medicine. Here in the Philippines, a student must be able to finish a pre-medical course before he would be able to apply for a university who offers a course on medicine. Yes, you have to take a pre-medical course. Just imagine the time and the money that you will spend in finishing a pre-medical course. And if you are lucky enough to graduate and pass an entrance exam for the course of medicine in one of the best or top universities in the Philippines that are offering it, you will spend additional years to get a degree of doctor of medicine. Some years that you will undergo several tests to check if you are still on the track to finish your course, and another year to review before you take a board examination for doctors. Are those years studying medicine really worth it? If you really have a passion of becoming a doctor, it will not be a bothering question.

I personally applaud these students who study medicine and enjoying their course especially those who have limited funds to finish medicine and yet they are able to do so. There are many stories all over the internet on being poor yet they were able to finish medicine and pass the board examination. Among these stories, I have found their optimism more than a hundred percent of the others who have all the means to study medicine. Money is really essential to be able to earn a degree in medicine but if you are limited by it, would it hinder you to reach your dream of becoming a doctor? Money must not dictate whether you will achieve your dream or not. It is your attitude that will matter. Money is not a hindrance to your dream. If you would really like to reach your dream of becoming a doctor, you must realize that there are many scholarship programs that you can look up to help you finance your needs while studying medicine. What these institutions offering medical scholarship programs require is for you to become a person of optimism, perseverance, and hard work.

If you are a foreign student who wishes to become a doctor and yet the universities of your country do not accept you on their medical programs because of your limited funds and not be able to pass their entrance examinations, would you bound yourself after their denial of pursuing your dream? NO, you must not let these institutions dictate what you want to become. There are many other ways to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor. There are countries in which you can lean on to be able to achieve what you want to become. There are countries like the Philippines, who have top medical colleges and universities who offer medical programs for international medical students. They offer low tuition fees yet they give you quality curriculums. Worthy to mention with affordable medical tuition fee, remarkable curriculum on medicine, and offering one year to finish a pre-medical course, is the Lyceum Northwestern University. It is one of the most recognized universities in the Philippines who offers medical courses to international students.

Only your attitude will hinder you from reaching your dream; only your attitude can help you in reaching your dream. Becoming a doctor is not easy, but once you have set your mind that you will become one, you will take extra miles and extra hard work to reach it.

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