How To Know That Medical Course Is Changing Your Attitude

Attitudes form a significant role in medical competence. Medical schools have recently started paying explicit attention in nurturing professional attitudes of medical students since it is a crucial factor in terms of providing quality and effectiveness of medical care to clients. Medical student attitudes are situational in nature and many social scientists agreed that school should be conducive to fostering the right attitude of students in their chosen profession. It is also imperative to remember that what the students believe plays a vital role in shaping their success in life.

But do students’ attitude change during their medical study?

The answer is different for every medical student. A change in attitude depends on how you live your new life as a medical student. As you go, you will have a clearer depiction of how you feel about the medical profession and how will it change you. The medical course will provide new structure and order to your life but if you believe that you will not notice anything different in your attitude, you may be in for a shock. Your life, not just attitude, will drastically change when you enter medical school.

Here’s a list of the statement from students and practitioners on how medical course changes them.

  • Maturity - Medical students affirmed that their course has changed them in a way that they become more mature and they grew up a lot and became a lot better at 'getting' people and feel like they understand client’s stories a lot more than they did before.
  • Strive for Optimism - Positive attitude is something you should strive for in medical school. Right mindset will help you to survive and last on this course.
  • Appreciate what Others Say – You are being open to suggestion and opinions of other people as you have recognized that sometimes the best changes in your attitude comes from constructive criticism.

For some students, they aren’t sure if the medical school has really changed their attitude because medical school just amplified certain attitudes and behaviors that have always been there.

At the end of the day, setting the pattern of a positive attitude in college will strengthen your ability to persevere as you pursue the goals that you have set for yourself. Your attitude influences your actions and if your course takes a negative spin, keep your thoughts on your goal, be positive and focus and make the best of your situation.

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