How to deal with stress

Last March 2017, CNN Philippines released their result of their online poll that they have conducted about the main causes of stress for Filipinos. According to the result, 22.85% of the Filipinos said that their main cause of stress is their job/studies. It only strengthened the fact that the World Health Organization released last year that most depressions were derived from the stress caused by studying. The result is stating worldwide situation which when we narrow to the Philippines is also factual and must be attended immediately. The question boils down to why studying becomes stressful and how it can be dealt with.

It is the parents' obligation to send their children to school and assist them until they finally achieve what they dream to become. Sometimes, there lies the problem. When parents push hard their children to study which at times think that it is wrong to do that to them. They feel obligated to study and get good grades. There are instances that students who are an overachiever, who fear failure, suffer over thinking about 'when they fail' then actually let stress eat them from the time they wake up to the second that they close their eyes. And when they absorb stress so much they could no longer contain it, they suffer from depression that sometimes leads to the suicidal tendency.

Really, studying should not be like that. Studying is supposed to be enjoying, exciting, competing and achieving. From the major aspects I mentioned above how students develop stress, we can only deduce that they do not enjoy studying. That should be the main focus of helping them to deal with their stress in studying. A student must be optimistic rather than pessimistic when it comes to studying. Failures make us strong. And a student who encounters a failure or sometimes multiple failing must more likely be motivated to overcome those failings. A student must not stop when he encounters a problem. Instead, he must be optimistic that when he surpasses his problems at school or at any aspect of his studies, he will be achieving something. That is when excitement enters a student system. Competition among your co-student must not make you envious, angry and despiteful. Instead, it must be enjoying that you will encounter other brains and be able to showcase what you have and be able to meet up other students. These competitions are rewarding, not only by getting an award or a medal but because you have gained something and you challenged yourself and have a baseline where to strengthen your academic skills or your personality.

One of the most stressful studies around the globe is studying medicine. The students of medicine are the most prone and susceptible to stress that is leading out to depression. Many medical students have failed all over the countries because they let their stress eat their whole system. Those who strive are the achievers. International students studying medicine have twice stressed to deal with. Studying medicine is already stressful summed up from being away from your family and carrying the hope of every family member has that he will become a doctor after he finishes his medical studies. How does an international medical student be able to cope up with stress? There is no denying that stress is constant among these students who study medicine and dealing with it varies. Here in the Philippines, our common international students who study medicine all over the country are the Indians. International students studying medicine in the Philippines have most likely a limited means to cope up with stress. It is because they have to put extra effort on their studies, their reports, and maintain the relationship among their group and their families in India. But it does not restrict them to enjoy moments away from home. To be able to study medicine in a new environment; to meet other people of different descent; to study the medical field with a different approach; to be able to achieve while enjoying every moment of its hardships - stress can be overcome by all of these. To always think positive and looking straight into the future with a degree in medicine must be their motivations. How people will applaud you when you become a doctor. Be able to amend with your struggle that it shall pass and it will make you strong that will help you to finish your medical studies. Be optimistic at all times. Remember always what brought you in the first place in the world of medicine. There are many Indian students who study medicine in the Philippines achieve their goals because they found studying medicine enjoying, exciting, competing and achieving. The universities or colleges in the Philippines who offer medical studies have a long list of activities and environment that are very conducive to learning that helps their students to get through their medical studies and become achievers in every aspect of it without being eaten by stress.

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