Is Medical School for You?

A doctor’s profession is a respectable and esteemed one. However, the career path and the way to becoming a doctor is not an easy one. Besides you having to do extremely well in your academics your application also needs to be accepted in the medical school. After which comes the main struggle of completing medical school. Before pursuing the career of a doctor there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

  • The fees for completing a doctor’s profession would be more than $200,000. You would also have to look after your living and tuition expenses.

  • You should be prepared for years of training which would include extensive reading, learning and giving examinations. Along with this you shouldn’t be nauseous because you would have to assist and see live operations that involve blood, incisions and a lot of other things which may not be quite pleasant for the eyes.

  • A medical student hardly has time to socialize and they usually work around the clock. They go through a lot of stress and difficult moments during their study career. You should be strong enough to take this pressure.

  • By the time you finish your studies you would near to 30 or even in your 30’s. You would have to forgo several years when you could have enjoyed and spend with friends socializing. There may not be any time for you to spare for the one you love or wish to spend time with.

  • While your friends who are not associated with this profession would be meeting different milestones of their lives you would still be under the process of becoming a doctor. Financial stability, marriage, kids, home all are going to be delayed.

  • You should also be prepared to work long hours without complaining. You need to be physically and mentally prepared for sleepless nights. You would have to run to the hospital when you get a call. Medical students who are practising also work on-call when they have to rush in the middle of the night for an emergency situation.

  • A doctor’s job also means a lot of responsibility. You need to be patient to hear out what others have to say about their condition. At times you may also be blamed if something goes wrong with the patient. This is why you need to be highly attentive while you are treating someone. You need to deal with several people besides the patient which include nurses, therapists and other specialists who are working in your department.

While you ponder over these points you should also remember that if you are financially secure to take a doctors course and are interested in this career then there is nothing like becoming a successful doctor. You may take time to finish your studies but in the end you would have a respectable position in the society and would have achieved a milestone in your life. There is no doubt that a doctor would lead a comfortable lifestyle once he/she has completed their studies. If you have the willpower and determination you can definitely pursue your career as a doctor.

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