What Do Medical Schools Look For In Applicants

Every medical school is unique and their expectancies may vary based on the rules and requirements of each one, however, there are some traits that every medical school would agree to have in an applicant.

There are many admirable candidates that apply for medical schools who aspire to become doctors. Ii is quite difficult for those who are screening to shortlist candidates. They carefully examine every application and look for proof that an applicant has displayed qualities of compassion, judgement and altruism. Along with these language skills, integrity, adaptability, collaboration and commitment to the service are some personal attributes that they look forward. Furthermore they also look for letters of evaluation, personal testimonial, essays and envelopment in extra-curricular activities.

Here is a list of traits that all medical schools look for while shortlisting candidates:

Empathy and Compassion –

Although a doctor’s work is to treat patients a good doctor shows genuine concern for the patient. They not only wish to understand the injury or disease that the patient is suffering from but also read their state of mind which they in because of the illness.

Cultural Competence –

A doctor meets with patients and co-employees from different backgrounds and knowledge of other language comes in as an added advantage. While it is not compulsory to master a foreign language but it is definitely a skill that has value. Your application should be able to display that you are adjustable and also have the ability to bridge cultural boundaries for the well-being of your patient or/ and maintain a healthy environment with your co-employees at work-place.

Judgement –

You have to have a good judgement when you are in a situation of emergency with a patient.

Leadership and Teamwork –

A good leader is one who leads his team by actively participating with them in the cause. A doctor has the responsibility of leading a team of medical professionals. One should have the ability to draw their attention and have the exact work executed effectively. A doctor should also learn to participate with his team and put in equal effort to show that he/she have equal contribution to make as a doctor.

Reliable and Accountable –

Patients look up to the doctors and entrust their lives on them. They depend on them to be treated well. Along with the patients the nurses and the juniors also look up for instructions. Establishing that you are a person who can be trusted, an individual who does his work proficiently is a crucial trait that a doctor should possess. A doctor also should be responsible and answerable for his actions.

Work Ethics –

The process of becoming a doctor is not easy and while working one would have to show an untiring attitude to refine your work ethic so you can harvest your medical knowledge and upgrade your skill set.

While these above are the most important traits that a medical applicant should have, you also should be someone who has excellent communication skills, listening skills, interpersonal skills, experience in practical and research work and someone who is committed to his/her profession.

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